So, Hey


I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I made a blog.

Most of you reading this probably know me, but if not, let me introduce myself. I’m Ryan. I’m a white gay male, an intersectional feminist, a #BlackLivesMatter supporter, an LGBTQ+ rights advocate, a supporter of ALL people of all races and citizenship statuses, and a college student. Basically, your grandfather’s worst nightmare. I’m also an actor, that’s what I’m in school for.

I make a lot of Facebook posts about my political stances and current events, and my friends seem to like them a lot (which is fantastic, thank you all), but I’ve noticed they’ve started to get longer and longer, and I just felt that if I wanted a soapbox, maybe there was a better platform for that. That led me here.

I felt the need to start a blog mainly to talk about the shitstorm that is America right now, as I consider myself a pretty strong advocate for most progressive issues. If you’re anything like me, you’re also probably pretty scared for this country. This blog is a space where I (and you) can speak openly and uncensored about what a fucking mess things are right now. It’s okay to be scared, and it’s also okay to be angry. I’ve spent too long trying to be positive and clean. But I also hope that some of my posts will be inspiring and uplifting. I’ve just got a lot of opinions.

I should also mention, though I started this blog with politics in mind, I also don’t want to limit myself to one topic. I’ve recently found I have a certain knack for writing things well (thanks mom), and I wanted to explore that. I love theatre, fashion, music, ASL, and comedy, among other things, so I might write about those too. I’m just experimenting.

You can also follow me on Twitter (I’m the funniest person I know), Youtube (I sing too), and Instagram (I’m also devilishly handsome) way down at the bottom of the page. Love me.

So, follow me if you dare! Or don’t! I don’t know. Here we go.


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