On Being Busy


Me after this week.


I am so busy. I have not written anything since the week I started this blog, because I am so busy. I am forcing myself to write this because I want to keep up shop around here, though it’s just another item on my plate (it’s a large plate).

I can’t really complain, because the only one at fault for my busyness (business?) is myself. I willingly signed up to do all the things I am doing. And I’m very happy! Don’t get me wrong! I love being this busy. But I am TIRED.

Tomorrow ends the busiest week I’ve had this semester, and so to celebrate I am here writing this. This week I had rehearsals for the play I’m in that opens next weekend, the huge Singing Hoosiers Holiday concert I am in tomorrow, and a directing scene that I am performing next week (all this on top of classes).

On the other hand, I am very lucky to be this busy. I love all the projects I’m working on, the people I get to work with, and the new things I’m constantly getting to try. I think I’m actually juggling it all pretty well too, so go me!

I was talking to another busy friend today about just how busy we are, and I brought up that though I’m tired and always doing something, I’m not stressed. I feel like sometimes those feelings come together, but luckily I feel very comfortable and on top of all the material in my head right now (and there’s a lot in there). I’m ready for everything. It just all happens to be at the same time.

That’s all I’ve got. I could probably organize this neater and nicer… but my brain is fried and I need to go to bed so I can get up for THE CHIMES OF CHRISTMAS! I hope some of you get to come see it! If not, you’re dead to me! Ha ha just kidding!

(But I’m not.)

Goodnight, folks.


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